Have you reached a plateau in your health and fitness goals? Fitness boot camps are inspired by actual military training camps, and they provide a rigorous and fun aerobic workout for all fitness levels. Established boot camps have recently been growing in popularity. People have been flocking to their local group exercise facility more and more each day. There are a variety of reasons why their popularity is steadily increasing as people are becoming more aware and concerned for their health and fitness.

If you are even the slightest bit competitive but have not found an appropriate fitness outlet, then boot camps are for you. The nature of group exercise actually provides even more motivation to work harder than if you were just with a personal trainer. Naturally we do not want to lose; therefore, competing with friends and classmates in a boot camp is a fun and exhilarating way to burn fat and gain muscle.

Constant movement and an increased heart rate over a sustained period of time is the most effective form of exercise. This is known as aerobics cardio exercise. As long as you are moving at a moderate intensity it does not really matter what specifically the exercise is working on. That is the beauty of these fitness camps, if you cannot do a specific exercise, then the trainer can modify that certain exercise for you in order to keep pace with the class. Aerobics exercise entails keeping a sustained elevated heart rate which is essential in burning fat. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, an individual needs at least thirty minutes a day, three days a week of aerobic exercise. Boot camps are great for exactly that. They are usually forty-five minute classes that provide the appropriate amount of aerobic exercise.

Boot camps incorporate free weight exercises, Pilates, obstacle courses, speed and strength training, and any form of exercise you can imagine. Signing up for a health and fitness camp might just be the best decision you ever made in terms of your personal fitness goals. Trainers and colleagues involved in these camps are literally health and fitness coaches. They will not only cater to your aerobic exercise needs, they can provide you with the appropriate nutrition and dieting advice as well.

You will have fun joining a group fitness camp, guaranteed. Working out in groups builds a sense of camaraderie for individuals that may have never experience a team environment. In a health and fitness camp, you are all striving for a better quality of life together. Boot camp attendees support each other and develop great supportive communities. So get up and go try out your local boot camp, you will not be disappointed.