Zumba Benefits and Aerobics Health of Zumba Dance High Impact Exercise

Zumba is the fitness craze that has swept the world. It is the creation of Columbian dancer, Beto Perez. It is believed that nearly 14 million people around the world participate in this dance phenomenon on a weekly basis. Zumba involves several aspects of popular, South American dances with a touch of hip hop and martial arts. In addition to weight loss, there are many benefits for those who regularly participate in an hour of Zumba fun.

Zumba is ideal for those who find high impact exercise challenging. Movements are done in a rhythmic fashion and do not involve plyometric or jumping movements. While high impact exercise is beneficial, it is not always practical. There are many beginners who hopelessly participate in high impact exercise in their quest to lose weight. Many of these individuals are unfit, have muscle imbalances or do not possess the athleticism to properly execute these movements. As a result, they often quit due to their inabilities.

Zumba provides a fun atmosphere with great music. Lower intensity is counterbalanced by constant movement that incorporates nearly every muscle in the body. Squat movements strengthen the legs and hips. Arm movements develop well defined shoulders, biceps and triceps. Students will also strengthen their abdominals and other core muscles with an endless combination of trunk rotation movements.

Zumba training significantly reduces the likelihood of exercise plateaus. Exercise plateaus are encountered as a result of training monotony. The human body is an incredible machine that quickly adapts to its environment. When this adaptation occurs, the body must be presented with an alternate stimulus to ensure continued results. Most lay people do not have the expertise to properly design fitness programs to ensure steady progress. Because Zumba is so varied, it virtually guarantees steady results to the committed student. No two training sessions are completely identical. This also keeps exercise interesting and fun for the student.

Exercise movements also mimic the natural and normal pace of the body. Steady movements significantly reduce the chance of injury and remove the pressure to “keep up” with the class or instructor. Naturally paced movements also allow the student to adjust or compensate for limited ranges of motion and skill. Additionally, these movements allow the beginner student to process and learn techniques in an exercise friendly environment. Movements also take advantage of dance a past time enjoyed across all cultures.

The Zumba environment is especially beneficial to the novice student. It is a great atmosphere to form relationships and accountability with likeminded people. Because Zumba is fun, students enjoy intense exercise with a smile. It is the antithesis of full throttle training that defines boot camp fitness. It is enjoyed by all. Most people quit exercise programs within the first 3 months. Zumba greatly increases long term adherence among beginners.

Intensity levels utilize a combination of fat and glucose energy systems. Lower intensity taps into fat stores as higher intensity utilizes glucose or sugar. As sugar is depleted in the muscle, new caloric consumption must replace these stores before anything is stored as fat. Also, higher intensity levels guarantee a higher metabolism for hours after training and more calories consumed at rest. This can permanently increase the metabolism as quality muscle is added and fat is reduced. Zumba incorporates the benefits of both energy systems.

Zumba shows no sign of slowing down. Home DVD sales have made this sultry fitness system available to those who prefer the convenience of home. DVD packs provide the student with a great, progressive program for fitness success. Students will also find practical dietary advice to complement their training. Zumba’s continued popularity is also evidenced by students who eagerly line up for classes as they claim their favorite spots on the dance floor. Music and dance crosses all cultures. When combined with healthy living, it provides a near full proof solution to long-term, fitness success.