How Hug Helps – Give More, Stay Healthy

Nothing starts a day better than a satisfying hug; so, why not hug! Let’s have the zeal to relish and make the world a better place. Boom! but then reality strikes; sadly, everything is not tickled pink. In the world, we find the two kinds – huggers and non-huggers. According to a belief, if all the non-huggers are transformed into huggers, there would be no place left for hatred and anger. However, the saying goes hand in hand that it’s not possible; because it’s all in the genes. Non-huggers strongly advocate that huggers are invaders of privacy and a threat to survival. While huggers believe, it’s just the opposite. Hugs comfort and make you feel understood. Now the difference of opinion is here to stay.

Technically, if a person wraps his arm around with warmth and affection it’s called a hug. Culturally, it is an act to increase connection by physical proximity. Humans are social animals, who prefer to stay in groups, and have tolerance towards proximity driven from their culture.

Hugs usually express love and affection. Also used as greeting hugs are considered friendly. However, we hardly think beyond as to why a simple hug has so much impact! Hugging has a lot of science behind it. The shocking truth – Hug increases happiness. Everybody loves a hug. Ever since scientists are trying to find more.

Over the years, through deep research scientist have found that a good hug increases oxytocin which invokes positivity. Surprisingly, higher Oxytocin levels lower hypertension and blood pressure. People feel more relaxed and have quality sleep. It improves physical activities and helps in better concentration. People who feel nervous during public speaking’ feel more confident and safer. It is commonly known as the “Hugging Hormone Syndrome”.

Hug communicates more than words

Almost, all cultures, accept hugging except a few like Japanese. Japanese and a few more natives are squeamish about being hugged. They consider it an invasion of their personal space. However, the rest of the world finds it a perfect way to express love.

Touch is considered the most important sense and makes one feel great. Whether intentional or not people communicate through verbal or nonverbal means. Over the years, in advanced European countries, researchers have conducted a study. In a few orphanages, it was observed that infants and babies, rarely carried in arms and spending maximum times in crib had a difference of behavior. A team of nurses was deployed to multiple institutions and were made to take care of infants. In three of the orphanages, the infants were fed by propped bottles and laid in cribs the entire day. While in the remaining orphanages, infants were handled nicely and were given cuddles. It was found; infants in the first set of orphanages faced difficulty with their cognitive development.

Some interesting facts about Hugging – Hugging Aids

Sounds crazy but hugging indeed helps and has many undiscovered facts about hugging.

  • In a month people usually spend almost an hour to hug considering that each hug will not last less than 10 secs.
  • A passionate hug stimulates one’s nervous system and combats loneliness and fear. It improves blood flow and enhances self-esteem in an individual.
  • Kids face a delay in reading and comprehending text if they are not cuddled enough.

An interesting experiment was conducted with a group of men and women. They were in a relationship for more than 5 years and knew each other. Despite being in the relationship, they had a difference of opinion. It was very interesting when couples hugged each other the intensity of their debates and conflicts reduced automatically. Hugs had a direct effect on their moods; findings reveal a hug everyday acted as a stimulant to energize the individual and removed negativity. After a hug, the positive effect would linger on the person.

Hug Therapy – No money only love

Being a social animal, humans crave touch. From being a baby in a mother’s womb to the feeling of being held in a parent’s hand is an eventful journey. However, it is the sense of touch that keeps us connected.

Life is not easy for all; one has both good and bad experiences. Good experiences make great memories while bad experiences leave us scars. However, these scars are not always visible and emotional connects can only cure them. “Hug Therapy” or “Cuddle Therapy” – A simple hug works wonders; it comforts and heal from stressful experiences in life.

So, there are many groups and mental recreational health boot camps that encourage hugging in daily routine to reassure people of their love and strengthen their bond.