Will Whole Body CryoTherapy Help With Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Sport injury, Man with back pain

We’ve often heard the banter amongst athletes and those with alpha male syndrome as they shout “No Pain, No Gain” as a ‘rite of passage’ to manhood. We all know it’s mostly bravado, but we also know there is a little truth to it, in that to build muscle you must first tear it down so it can repair itself and grow stronger. But, what if the pain never went away? What if the pain lasted 3-months or more? When it does we call it chronic pain and when it happens about one-quarter of those folks are actually afflicted with a medical condition, a serious one called; Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) and yes, it is a real thing.

Now then, chronic pain and chronic pain syndrome (CPS) are not the same. In temporary acute pains such as injuries, muscle pain, or temporary joint pains, they are easily curtailed by interfering in the body’s inflammation process. CPS eventually leads to ‘pain memory’, disrupted sleep, depression, and an on-going cycle which manifests itself into a permanent condition.

Many with CPS turn to pain medications, and we all know that pain meds unfortunately come with adverse side effects. One session for Whole Body CryoTherapy will not stop CPS, but it will temporarily put you in a good mood and you’ll find yourself without pain temporarily. For some it is possible overtime and regular sessions to retrain your brain and ‘pain memory’. By keeping the pain at bay and the inflammation down with regular visits your pain threshold will embolden and you can overcome future minor pain without relapse.

Since CPS also disrupts your sleep and since Whole Body CryoTherapy helps you sleep better you will have more energy and stamina to shake off the pain, and over the course of weeks and many sessions you will feel much better than even before your CPS condition started. At least that’s what regular users of Whole Body CryoTherapy say who’ve experienced what you are going through now.

Whole Body CryoTherapy can and will potentially change your life, no more pain. You will be better than you ever knew possible. This gives you an advantage, as adversity builds character and you’ve been through more with your CPS than most people could ever imagine in their worst nightmares. You have more character and just think what you can do once your pain is gone?

An interesting piece of research on this, so you can see for yourself, is: “Effectiveness comparison of local and whole body cryotherapy in chronic pain,” by Elzbieta Miller. This work also references: “Fizjoterapia Polska, MedSportPress, 2006; 1(4); Vol. 6, 27-31′