Dental Implant Procedure & More About Invisalign

The pros and cons of the dental implant procedure

First lets get to the pros! – The advantages of the dental implant procedure are many compared to its few disadvantages.

1) They are very convenient for the patient.

2) They go a long way in improving the overall oral & dental health.

3) They restore the dental functionality thus making it easy for the patient to chew.

4) The overall feel and comfort of the dental arch is restored as forces are distributed equally on all the teeth including the dental implant.

5) The aesthetic aspect of your smile is restored thus improving your overall confidence level while you smile and talk.

6) The quality of your pronunciation and speech is improved especially when the anterior teeth are restored.

The few cons of dental implants – We can tell you one thing for sure, that the advantages of the dental implant procedure outweigh the disadvantages which are very few and negligible.

1) Like any other dental care or medical restorative procedure it involves a surgery. This surgery is minimally invasive and with the available equipment and latest technology in the year 2018 they are absolutely safe.

2) The dental implant complication rate is between 1% to 6% depending on the experience, education & skills of the implantologist or the surgeon. Any surgery involves risks but its the responsibility of the doctors to minimise the complications.

3) Infection at the implant sight if the prescribed medications such as antibiotics are not taken by the patient after the implantation surgery for a few days or weeks.

What is Invisalign?

If you are considering invisible braces as an alternative to traditional braces, invisalign is the way to go! These clear aligners are designed to straighten teeth without using any metal appliances to avoid all the fuss involved in dentistry. It has gained popularity in the field of orthodontics. Patients nowadays have many options apart from the unaesthetic metal braces. Invisalign is an appliance made of clear plastic aligners that go a long way in moving your teeth to a proper position. Candidates who feel opting for metal braces is a fuss can give invisalign a try! Even though the cost is a little higher compared to metal braces they are absolutely worth the money.

How much does invisalign cost?

Its cost varies from country to country and orthodontist to orthodontist and the quality of dentistry. The cost of invisalign® treatment is as expected higher compared to traditional braces as they are nor similar to each other. These invisible clear aligners can be removed and worn by the patients as per their wish and the main advantage of them being is that they are invisible avoiding any physical or mental discomfort for the patient.

Cost of invisalign in the U.S.A is approximately 3500 $ to 8000 $ depending on the doctor, experience and the practise.

The cost of invisalign in India is comparatively lesser. It costs around three to four lakhs in Bangalore.