Factors That Can Increase Your Risk of Diabetes

There are three primary types of this disease known as type 1 and type 2, and the third one is called gestational diabetes. Regardless of the type, diabetes stops your body from making or using insulin.

According to statistics, around 25% of people don’t even know they have diabetes. In the United States, that amount to 7 million citizens, give or take. So, this is a quite common health problem all over the world. Are you one of them? Given below is the description that can help you find out if you have a high risk of this disease.

Type 1

Typically, this type begins when you are a child. What happens is that your pancreas stops the production of insulin. As a result, you have this disease for life. Given below are the things that may cause Type 1 diabetes:

Illness or Infection: some illnesses and infections may cause damage to your pancreas. Mostly, they are rare ones.

Pancreas Diseases: These diseases can slow down insulin production.

Family History: People with a family history of diabetes are more likely to have diabetes. For instance, it may be your sister, father, mother or brother. A simple blood test is done to diagnose it.

Type 2

With Type 2 diabetes, your body loses its ability to use insulin. This problem is known as insulin resistance. Typically, adults have this disease, but it may start at any age. Possible causes include obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, ethnic background, sedentary lifestyle, and gestational diabetes, to name a few.


According to statistics, diabetes may affect around 4% of mothers who are expecting. You might get it if your insulin levels are too low. In some cases, it is caused by the hormones produced by your placenta. For instance, if the mother has high blood sugar, the baby may also have high blood sugar, which may lead to a lot of problems related to growth and development, especially if no treatment is provided. Given below are a few things that may cause gestational diabetes:

  • Ethnic background: black women are at a greater risk of this disease
  • Age: Older people are also more likely to develop gestational diabetes.
  • Family history: You are at a higher risk of this disease if your mother or father has it.
  • Obesity: We all know that obesity is a leading cause of a lot of health problems. If you are obese, the extra pounds may cause you to develop gestational diabetes.

Steps you can Take to Prevent this Disease

Regardless of your risk factors, you can take a lot of steps to prevent or delay the symptoms of diabetes. Some of them are given below.

  • Always eat a balanced diet
  • Get at least half an hour of exercise on a daily basis
  • With regular exercise, you can bring your weight closer to the healthy range
  • Control your blood pressure

So, this was a description of three types of diabetes, and steps you can take to prevent each type. Hope this helps.