It is interesting to note that there was misinformation preceding the unveiling of Sony SmartWatch 3. This had led to a lot of confusion about its abilities and functionalities. At the time of its launch, there was a rumor that the SmartWatch might feature Android Wear. Hence, the launch took place only after so many denials. After its introduction in western markets, this wearable device went on for sale at $249.99 in the US and £189.99 in the UK markets. In this article, we would be looking at the reviews posted in certain social media sites about this SmartWatch. We would also be looking at the features it has for the benefit of our readers.

Design and Display

It takes its design cues from the rubber-strapped GPS-running watch brigade. Yet, it looks surprisingly sportier than fashionable. It has a nice adjustable clasp and a rubber strap that comes in yellow color. The straps may come in other colors as well. These features allow you to get a perfect fit on your hand when you are on the move. It’s comfortable, lightweight design suits joggers and trainers. The device has a 1.6-inch LCD display that lags behind the AMOLED technology-based displays found in latest Samsung and Asus wearable devices. That is the reason its display has very little vibrancy. In fact, the users say that its display has pale and fade appearance. Another catch is that its viewing angles are not that great with brightness turned up full whack. Hence, it is strenuous for the eyes to look on the display in the broad daylight.

Hardware Features

This device is an Android Wear device with GPS skills, and NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. Yet, it does not have any feature that takes full advantage of this hardware. It comes with a 4GB storage space, which is a pretty standard for an Android Wear SmartWatch. A quad-core, 1.2GHz ARM A7 processor powers this wearable device. This is available standard across the current spectrum. The beauty of the Android Wear is that it has a vanilla experience. This is the same on every device running Google’s SmartWatch operating system. At times, the platform works as a treat. This is especially when you glance through a boring text from your boss or a message from not that important WhatsApp group. It also gives updates on traffic delays in the place where you have your afternoon meeting scheduled. At other times, it is just boring and annoying to swipe through unwanted Google Now-style cards just to get a clean watch face. If you wish to scroll through recent notifications from a specific app, you can do so with ease using its customer-friendly interface.