How Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Are Related

A heart attack is one of the most common reasons that cause almost 65% deaths annually as many reports suggest. It can occur anytime without giving any signs, but it doesn’t imply that one cannot know the chances of being in the danger zone of getting a stroke. There are plenty of reasons that can result in heart attacks, but blood pressure (BP) is closely related to it, and in most of the cases, it is the BP that triggers the heart attack.

Generally, people with high BP comes in the zone that is more prone to suffer a heart attack, but many recent studies state that low BP too can be a reason while most of them still stick that low blood pressure can never lead to a heart attack. No matter whether you have high or low BP, seeking medical guidance and ways to deal with it in order to prevent heart attack should be your primary concern.

With the main motive of keeping your BP under control to defeat and prevent yourself from being a sufferer of heart attack, we are discussing the causes, symptoms and other essentials.

Causes of high blood pressure

• Smoking

• Hypertension

• Family history

• Stress

• Genetics

• Too much consumption of salt

• Overweight

• Obesity

Causes of low blood pressure

• Pregnancy

• Heart diseases

• Dehydration

• Endocrine problems

• Severe allergy

• Blood loss

• Severe infection

Symptoms of high blood pressure

It is termed as “Silent Killer, ” and it has very few symptoms.

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Nose Bleeding

• Blood spots in eyes

Symptoms of low blood pressure

• Dizziness

• Fainting

• Lack of concentration

• Nausea

• Blurred vision

• Pale skin

• Fatigue

• Slow breathing

Controlling High Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high BP, you can, of course, control it if you wish to. Below, we have shared a few steps you can take to control your high BP,

• Losing weight and getting in shape

• Quit smoking at the earliest

• Eat a healthy diet precisely DASH diet which means include more fruits and vegetables and consume fat dairy product in a small amount

• Lower the consumption of salt in your food

• Do regular aerobic exercise

• Limit your alcohol consumption

Controlling Low Blood Pressure

Controlling low pressure is equally important. Below, we have shared a few steps through which you can control your low BP.

• Consume salt in higher amount

• Start drinking lots of different types of drinks and limit your alcohol consumption

• Consult a doctor to see if any medication is causing you to suffer from low blood pressure

• Do regular exercise to maintain your blood flow

• Do lift heavy weight material

• Don’t indulge in hot water for a longer time, be it shower or spa

• If you are feeling dizziness frequently, limit the diet and eat smaller diet

So, these are all you want and need to know pressure and if you are suffering from any of these, start implementing the ways to control it right away. It is better to stay from anything that is closely related to the heart attack.