Today is her last day upon this earth before she goes on to the next life to meet her old friends and family who have previously passed away. Yes, it was planned because she is a dog. Humans cannot plan on their own death, but owners can decide when a dog’s time is up. They can decide when her quality of life has become such that she would be better off not living any longer.

The dog was old in dog years. She was a rescue dog, which means that her owners rescued her some years ago from death at a pound. She would have been put to death at that time when she was still healthy if they had not brought her into their home as a member of their family. She was a good dog with a pleasant disposition. She was well trained and was good company.

She didn’t seem that sad nor that bad off right before her demise, but it was her time. She rarely did anything but sleep all day. Her hearing and eyesight were not what they used to be. She enjoyed a walk but would not run any longer. She was still well enough to eat and go outside to relieve herself, but she did not seem to have energy for much else. She was still good company, but life had become difficult for her. Yes, the vet said she had cancer plus some other ailments which must have caused her discomfort. Still, she did not complain. She just mostly spent her days and nights sleeping. It was very sad to see her go.

Do Humans get to that point in life where it would be more enjoyable and beneficial to go on to the next life and leave the pain behind? Yes, there are many people who are living in nursing homes with other senior citizens who are mostly biding their time and waiting to die. Many wish they could move on with the prospect of death being a welcome reprieve to the life they are living. If and when people get to that state in life, they are quite likely hoping that the end will come sooner rather than later.

Family members are almost never ready to see loved ones go no matter what age they are, but everyone will go through the experience of death. Just as birth happens, so will death come to all. Most people must just wait for nature to take its course. Unless a life is cut short due to an accident or illness at an early age, life will be lived to old age. Challenges will come and be met by those of the older generations. Among the challenges will perhaps be declining physical, mental, and emotional health. Loneliness may be a factor. The person may feel useless and unneeded.

Unfortunately, some people feel that suicide is the only way to find relief from their trials in this life. It is a desperate move by people in a desperate situation. Suicide happens to young people as well as old. It is a huge problem in society.

The people who are able to live to old age with relatively good physical health and with their mental faculties in good shape are among the lucky ones. Living to a ripe old age is not uncommon, especially now as people are generally living longer. Having a good quality of life until old age comes is fortunate. People need to feel that there is purpose to their life and to living.

During World War II, persons of Japanese heritage in the United States were placed in camps built in remote areas of the country and surrounded by barbed wire. Most were imprisoned for the duration of the war in what have come to be known as American concentration camps. Although the young people had school, it was difficult for most of the older generation to find much meaning in their existence. Most did not have jobs or much to do. Life was difficult so some became depressed with a few choosing death over living.

Keep having hope and look for something to give life meaning in order to avoid the trauma and depression which can come from losing purpose in life. Others cannot generally decide when another human being can leave this life as owners can do for their dogs. People can help others to find ways to enjoy life until the end comes.