Natural Remedies for a Good Rest

The change of season, the longest days and the accumulated winter tiredness can also affect our time of rest, which should guarantee us, at night, to sleep peacefully. The most frequent symptoms are not being able to get to sleep, having a disturbed sleep or, in the worst cases, insomnia.

Luckily it is possible to resort to different natural elements present on the market under different forms, available in herbal medicine and able to promote good rest, which allow us to sleep peacefully without having the collateral effect of stun.

Natural remedies

Among these, we remember, first of all, chamomile. With its well-known relaxing properties, in fact, Chamomile has a real sedative power on the muscles. It is recommended for those suffering from abdominal pain, to improve digestion and cases of inflammation of the gastric mucosa. It is also used to relieve redness of the eyes and as a softening facial tonic.

Like chamomile, Valerian is universally known as a natural tranquilizer, so much so that for many years it has been used as a sleeping pill, without side effects. The major beneficial properties of valerian reside in its roots, which are dried. And right under this form, it can be found in herbalists, as an alternative to drops to be diluted in water.

Another remedy to combat sleep disorders is a good infusion to Linden, which can also be associated with other essences or healing plants. The lime tree, in fact, has remarkable relaxing and calming properties, which help to reduce and relieve tensions. It is also an excellent ally for the treatment of colds and flu symptoms.

Lemon balm and Hawthorn have a high sedative and relaxing power, especially for those who tend to go to sleep accompanied by a state of agitation and strong stress. These natural elements, in fact, act on the central nervous system, reducing this anxious state.

The olfactory powers of Lavender are really upsetting, helping to combat sleep disorders. The scent of lavender flowers, in fact, induces a sense of tranquility and carefree, encouraging good rest. In the market and in the herbalists you can find both the essential oil of lavender, with which you can wet a tissue to keep next to him while you sleep and the natural water to the lavender, with which you can spray the environment. If you want to this type of good quality article please visit here.