Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Help Me Deal With Chronic Pain?

The opioid crisis in the United States is getting out-of-control, it has reached epidemic proportions and in some parts of the country the problem is so bad that nearly everyone knows someone who has the problem or has died from it. Nearly, everyone has an opinion as to whose fault it is. Many blame the victims or the addicted. Others blame the doctors for prescribing addictive pain killer medicine. Some blame big pharma, and still others blame drug dealers who sell street drugs to those addicted to continue their desire to stay in that state of being.

It’s hard for us to realize that this all starts from severe pain, and trying to deal with it. If there was no pain, it is doubtful many would seek out the pain medication or be prescribed it in the first place. Now then, might I offer a suggestion in this article? Go ahead, read what I have to say, as I’ve been studying this issue at our Think Tank as we try to make sense of a viable solution to this opioid crisis that plagues our nation.

Chronic Pain is no fun. Living with constant pain isn’t living a fulfilled life. Yes, adversity builds character, but how much more character do you really need at this point in your life? Just a couple of sessions of Whole Body CryoTherapy per week will significantly reduce pain.

Sure, one can learn to tolerate pain and build up a high threshold, or take expensive and highly addictive pain medicine, but since empirical evidence and research shows Whole Body CryoTherapy works, isn’t it time you switched back to a pain free you? Don’t hesitate, be great.

How Does CryoTherapy Reduce Pain?

CryoTherapy reduces nerve conduction velocity (NCV), allowing the individual to maintain a higher pain threshold (PTH) and better paint tolerance (PTO). Since your brain doesn’t receive the signals of pain at a high level, it sends less reinforcement to the area causing inflammation. Inflammation causes more tenderness and pain, and the cycle continues, so by breaking this cycle, your body can heal without the pain or over-abundance of inflammation during the process. Whole Body CryoTherapy tends to be a much better solution than pain medication;

(1) It is not addicting; and

(2) The nerve endings are only temporarily muted, long enough to prevent near term reoccurring inflammation.

Although, the theory behind each method is somewhat similar, it’s always better to use natural ways to get your body to a better place than to use synthetic pharmaceuticals to unnaturally trick your body into reacting in a certain way, especially when there are additional side effects to deal with.

Here are two pieces of research I used in preparing this article:

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