Fibromyalgia Deep Breathing Exercise for Pain Relief

You might find this short breathing exercise helpful. Tension increases pain, we are going to try to focus on one area of the pain for a moment or two so that we become aware of the pain. Try to breathe into the area of pain by becoming aware of the sensation and imagining your breathing going in and out of the area where your pain is. The idea is that the breathing will slowly release the tension naturally and reduce the pain. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t worry just try to become aware of the pain sensation. For every breath that you take try to feel the location of the pain, be gentle with yourself by bringing a sense of kindness and curiosity to the area you are focusing on.

Meditation- short meditation to help with pain

1. Get yourself into a comfortable position by sitting or lying down.

2. Close your eyes, breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.

3. Become aware of your breathing and focus on it.

4. Be kind to yourself with every breath, feel gratitude for the good things in your life.

5. The pain will grab your attention every now and then, try to accept that this type of meditation is difficult to get to grips with, try saying to yourself pain, pain, pain, keep bringing your attention back to your breathing and focus on it as much as you can.

6. Focus on the area where your breath is most predominant, continue and focus for a few more moments.

7. Finally, bring your attention to where the pain is even though you may feel uncomfortable or be reluctant to try this. The secret is keep trying to breath into the epicentre of the pain go in and out with every breath. Practice this over and over, keep breathing into the centre of the pain.

Nobody wants pain but try to accept the pain for a few moments, accept the way that you feel now both emotionally and physically, whether it’s positive or negative allow your mind and body to just be one.

Take note of how your body feels and how your muscles are relaxed during and after breathing. The breathing will help to calm your mind, stay with this relaxation method for a few moments longer. You now know that you can return to this state of relaxation at any time you feel like it.