Why Should You Use Vitamin C on Your Face?

Why Should You Use Vitamin C On Your face?

Among all the vitamins, the one named “C” offers up the greatest benefits to the body and arguably takes the crown up. The nutrient can also help to transform the appearance of your skin and not just your inside of the body that is ‘Best Friends Forever’ with Vitamin C.

The products of the Vitamins are packed with secondary metabolites – antioxidants. These antioxidants are known for providing glowy and brightening effects on our skin – says skin expert Dr. Kathy Taghipour. It is also known for improving the appearance of the skin. Studies also suggest that it does so by fighting signs of aging and exposure to UV, as well as with hyper pigmentation and dark patches.

So yes, no doubt – this wonder vitamin adds it to your beauty. But before one buys the same, let’s learn about what exactly makes Vitamin C (also known as L-ascorbic acid) this powerful.

When It Comes To Your Skin, Vitamin C Has a Truly Noteworthy Resume

1. Fights lines and wrinkles

When it comes to wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging of your skin, Vitamin C is a handy tool to fix the skin’s wear and tear. Research also suggests that this nutrient helps us to protect the skin against damage as well as it aids in skin regeneration by neutralizing free radicals.

2. Revitalizes sun-damaged skin

Flakiness, rough areas, discolored patches (sunspots), rosacea, etc – are all the results of prolonged sun exposure. But, on the top of the above, applying Vitamin C daily (a particular dose) may guard your skin against taking too much damage from the sun.

One of the studies suggests that people with mild to moderate photo-damaged skin experienced a significant improvement in skin appearance. It was also found to improve fine lines, roughness, and skin tone, after using vitamin C for 3 months.

3. Evens out tone and minimize redness

Various medical conditions including the uneven skin tone are the results of sun exposure.

Vitamin C helps to mend the damaged capillaries (even its discoloration) and it has proven itself a hearty warrior in the fight against redness.

4. Hydrates thirsty skin

An adult has an average skin of 2 square meters and this organ is certainly thirsty, as we are not talking about looking for attention.

The human body consists of about 65% of water and your skin needs to be kept hydrated. Vitamin C is here to bring all the water it needs. It also helps your skin in retaining water as well as preventing it from becoming too oily and dry.

5. Improves elasticity

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our body that helps the skin to give the tight and plump look. The human body naturally makes less collagen as it grows old. This wonder vitamin has also been shown to encourage collagen production in the body.

It contains complementary ingredients

The product having Vitamin C will be more effective if the following complimentary ingredients will be there.

• Ferulic acid which elevates the stability of vitamin C by 90%.

• Vitamin E, an antioxidant, overall boosts up the UV protection.

• Glutathione comprises antioxidant properties.

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