Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects – What Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know

What if I told you that conventional HRT was completely unnecessary and that you don’t have to endure the typical hormone replacement therapy side effects that come with these drugs if you don’t want to.

In fact, almost everyone can avoid taking prescription medications if they choose. No matter what their age.

Yes, it’s true.

Big Pharma would have you believe otherwise, of course.

If you have a family history of heart disease then you’ll definitely need to go on statins. If you have high blood pressure, you’ll have to take meds for that.

At one time, they even insisted that all women would end up on synthetic HRT at some point during their menopause years. That is, until, they realized it raised a woman’s risk of developing heart disease and breast cancer. Now they use a little more caution when prescribing synthetic hormones…

Or at least some doctors do.

The list of hormone replacement therapy side effects is considerable. Subject your body to synthetic HRT drugs such as Permarin, Provera or Estrogen Therapy, and you run the risk of developing:

• Osteoporosis

• Stroke

• Heart Disease

• Cancer

• Anxiety

• Infertility

• Blood Clotting

• Increased Insulin Levels

• Headaches

• Weight Gain

• Depression

• Cervical Dysplasia

• High Blood Pressure

• Vaginal Bleeding

• Digestive Issues

• Breast Tenderness

• Gallbladder Disease

One year after millions of women quit HRT, breast cancer rates fell by 7 percent.

The good news is, that unlike the previous conventional wisdom, HRT isn’t inevitable for every menopausal woman. Severe perimenopause symptoms are treatable with natural solutions alone. You can boost your health and avoid heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and most chronic illnesses by making simple yet crucial changes to your diet and lifestyle and by reducing exposure to toxins in our environment.

Yes, YOU have absolute control over your health.

Of course Big Pharma would have you believe otherwise. They want you to think you are powerless so you come clamoring for their drugs.

And empty out your pocketbook in the process.

These drugs may ease your symptoms, sure. But you won’t feel really good when you’re on them. Oftentimes when women do go on HRT, they feel a lot better at first, but their symptoms soon return. Sometimes even worse than ever.

Pharmaceutical drugs just mask symptoms. They fail to boost health, focus and wellbeing. Only you can do that by putting the right foods and supplements into your body, reducing toxin exposure and managing your stress. Take those four steps right now and you’ll notice a big improvement in how you look and feel.

Ultimately, you have a choice to make: buy into Big Pharma’s lies and subject your body to the roller coaster that is HRT or take control over your own health.

Sure, it’s easier to pop a pill. But that pill will only give you moderate relief at best. And it may make you sicker down the line.

The truth is, there is no effective quick fix. True, vibrant health won’t be found in a bottle. Getting your hormones back on track and reducing symptoms will require some commitment on your part. But it is doable. You would be surprised by how good you feel after just 30 days of eating right, exercising and managing your stress.