How to Choose the Best Yoga Mats

What are the characteristics of the best yoga mats? Why does a good quality one matter?

Yoga mats are special to the yogis that use them. Ask any experienced yogi – their mat is super special to them.

After all it is the only thing you need to practice yoga right? A decent mat and you can do yoga virtually anywhere. That makes yoga one of the cheapest and most accessible pastimes/exercises available.

Millions of people practice yoga daily. It has been attributed to so many health and wellbeing benefits. Not just physical, but most important mental too. The vast majority of people will have a relatively inexpensive mat. But your yoga experience can be enhanced significantly by investing a little extra in a really good quality mat.

When you are practicing yoga your body is only in contact with one thing. The mat. By having a really good quality mat not only will you get the benefit of having a non-slip surface on which to work, but you also get the feel of a superior material beneath you hands and feet.

You can be that much more confident and happy on a decent quality mat. Times that extra feeling over and over for every time you use your mat and you can see why having one of the best yoga mats can enhance your yoga pleasure immeasurably.

So what is it that you should look for in the best yoga mats?

Your mat’s surface is really important as it needs to be able to help you hold your poses without slipping. That means the upper-side and under-side need to be non-slip. It also needs to be large enough for you and not too heavy to carry around.

We also think what it is made of is really important. You’re going to need to make sure it is eco-friendly. We think the appearance of your mat also is important. You want to be proud of what you lay out to practice on. Some of the best yoga mats have exquisite designs on them.

There are lots of things to consider when searching for the best mat for you. One thing not to skimp on though is the price. We recommend spending at least £30 and indeed some of the very best yoga mats are nearer £100. However, they will last a long time and the benefits will be seen over and over again.

Yoga is a low-cost exercise/pastime, but by spending a little more on the one and only thing you need is well worth it.